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First survey on multi city meetings reveals interesting potential of a growing trend

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Multi hub meetings: the up and coming trend in meeting formats? Meeting Design Institute‘s recent survey about multi hub meetings revealed a few interesting things. Of the 63 respondents, 16% say they have actually organized a multi hub meeting. This may seem quite a lot, but people’s definitions of Multi Hub meetings may vary. 

Our definition is: “Groups in several cities have one meeting at the same time. All groups have equal high-quality multi-channel connections. See all, hear all, and collaborate so it feels like everyone is in the same place.”

81% have never participated in one, which makes the FRESH conference the ultimate opportunity to experience the real Multi Hub participation. How does it feel, what works for me, etc.

Exactly half of the respondents say they are thinking about organizing Multi Hub meetings which shows there may be quite a market here for more meetings.

The three main reasons why planners would organize a Multi Hub meeting are:

  • 66% to attract more participants
  • 61% to innovate
  • 42% to limit travel

The other benefits (in order of importance) that people see are: to save cost, to enable certain meetings that are not possible otherwise (eg short international meetings), to limit environmental impact and finally, with 21%, to limit the out-of-the-office-time.

79% of meeting professionals say they want to learn more about this new meeting format. Although 62% think they may run a Multi Hub meeting in the coming two years, only 10% are sure they will. Interestingly, only 7.5% are sure they will not.


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