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Airlines Technology is an IATA-certified NDC Level 3 vendor

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Airlines Technology is an India based startup. It is an IT solution provider, working closely on International Air Transport Association (IATA)’s affiliated NDC initiative which was founded on 30th June 2015.

About 75% of travel bookings today are done on travel agent portals. On portals, traveller can see only fare and schedule (what time flight will leave and what time it will reach). This leaves huge gap where airlines can’t sell their other onboard services like meal, preferred sitting, lounge access, on board special services like wine, entertainment of choice. Some are basic necessities like wheel chair, porter etc. 

Airlines Technology achieved NDC Level-3 capable certification from IATA. Now, they are part of Amadeus next community and they got funded by travel startups incubator, a travel start-up investment and advisory firm. They invested initial $125,000 as seed money on their own. There are 400+ global airlines and in 2016 alone, 3.8 billion passengers will fly between different routes. As per IATA, these figures will go above 7.2 billion passengers by 2035.

Smriti Kumar, Paras Kumar and Varun Bansal founded Airlines Technology and anticipate tremendous growth over the next few years. The number of global airline-related transactions is estimated to increase from 1.75 billion now to 3 billion by 2020. India is expected to be the third largest aviation market in the next 10 years, overtaking the UK. 

AT is currently looking for more airline partners and OTAs to join the growing aggregation platform for NDC content distribution. AT also works directly with airlines to help them become fully NDC compliant.



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